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Nathan S. beoordeelde

25/05/2024 09:22

Britney S. beoordeelde

06/03/2024 10:50

Coralie K. beoordeelde

Excellent resto, le service est vraiment top, on a été servie super rapidement en plus! Je recommande !

12/01/2024 11:59

Adele Q. beoordeelde

Les pâtes carbonara étaient décevantes ! (crème, lardons etc.)

03/01/2024 02:36

Katarzyna Z. beoordeelde

03/12/2023 08:01

Manon C. beoordeelde

Lien ne fonctionnant pas pour la réservation. C’est le site de gestion des réservations de l’ancien propriétaire qui n’est pas utilisé par les nouveaux. Heureusement l’équipe sur place a été gentille de nous trouver une table pour 7! En passant par le bon site de réservation, je conseille

25/11/2023 10:36

Tiff J. beoordeelde

This booking was for the location on 5 Bis Rue Vernet.. I mistakenly booked this one but i want the world to know about those people over there! First off I would like to advise anyone of color to avoid this place at all cost. Especially women! I have never in my entire life been asked to leave a restaurant because there were others waiting to eat. I purposely watched the host as well as managers to see if they approached any other guest and of course they did not. My sister and I are visiting Paris for the first time. We are avid travelers and have palates for fine dining. I located this place based off the location of the hotel we are staying. Anyway our server Jade (who was awesome might I add), was also taken aback by the request of the host. When they saw that it was an issue the manager then states he would allow us to go downstairs to the bar area on him and we could return upstairs around midnight! Like are you serious sir! Who in their right mind will pay for a dinner that wasn’t even completely finished along with alcoholic drinks to be bounced around like a basketball! I’m not making this a racial issue but on the flip side it seriously is! We were the ONLY black patrons dining. Who walks up and ask someone to leave ? I’m attaching receipts as well as pictures that were taken before this HORRIFIC INCIDENT occurred. Let me add, they sent the Black host to be the bearer of bad news!!!!! I won’t be returning and will be sure to let all my family, friends, and colleagues know about my experience

18/11/2023 11:13

Aurélie P. beoordeelde

Très bon accueil, tout était très bon, le vin, la pizza (même délicieuse!), le tiramisu!

03/11/2023 10:15

Pierre G. beoordeelde

29/10/2023 10:31

Alexandr P. beoordeelde

Great service on that night!

26/10/2023 04:11